Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation

Why Shop Local?

Shopping local is an easy and fun way to work towards strengthening the local economy.

When you spend your money where you live, you directly reap the benefits. Communities with strong local businesses have higher property values. Local businesses are what make your community unique and a place you are proud to call home. Healthy job creation stems from small business start-ups and medium business expansion. When you spend money locally, everyone wins! For resources on shopping local visit Local First Arizona/Copper Corridor.

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Shift 10% of your Spend to the Local Economy!

Although everything cannot be purchased locally, shifting just 10% of your spending to local businesses can have a huge impact on your community! This shift is easy; get a local haircut, buy local coffee, eat at local restaurants, buy gifts from local boutiques. How will you shift 10%?

What Would a 10% Shift Look Like?

From the results of a recent study, if every resident shifted 10% of their spending to local businesses, a city the size of Tucson would see the following impact:

Tucson: (2015 Population 528,374) 

1,600 New jobs

$53 Million in New Wages

$130 Million+ in Total Economic Impact

Translating that impact to the Globe/Miami area would have the following impact:

Globe/Miami/Unincorporated Areas: (2015 Populations 17,257)

52.16 New Jobs

$1,727,800 in New Wages

$4,238,000 in Total Economic Impact