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Globe Franchise Election 2014 Info

Globe Franchise Election 2014 Info

Globe Franchise Election 2014 Info

Globe Franchise Election 2014

Franchise Facts for Customers

  • Franchise permits APS to use Globe right-of-way to maintain, operate its system
  • Nov. 4 election gives Globe voters the opportunity to approve 25-year renewal
  • APS pays Globe 2% franchise fee that supports public safety, other vital city services


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a franchise? A franchise is a contract between the city of Globe and APS. The franchise gives APS a non-exclusive right to use the Globe streets, alleys and other public right-of-way to construct, maintain and operate its electric facilities safely and efficiently to serve customers in Globe. The franchise requires APS to relocate its facilities without cost to the city when APS facilities conflict with the city’s street projects.


Does APS have franchise agreements with other cities? Yes. APS has franchise agreements with 53 municipalities and the 11 counties it serves in Arizona.


Why do we need to vote on a franchise? TheArizona Constitution requires that a municipal franchise be approved by voters in the city.


How long will the franchise be in effect? Franchise agreements are established for a 25-year term by the Arizona Constitution. If approved, this agreement will be effect until April 22, 2039.


Does the franchise involve a payment to the city of Globe? Yes. As with all APS municipal franchises, the franchise fee is 2 percent of the APS revenue from customers within the city limits – approximately $175,000 annually for the city of Globe. The franchise fee funds important city services such as public safety, street improvements, parks, facilities and economic development.


Why should voters renew the franchise between APS and the city of Globe? The franchise is important because it helps city of Globe effectively and economically plan, build and maintain the streets in coordination with APS. It also ensures APS is using the right-of-way safely and efficiently and that APS complies with Globe regulations regarding the use of city streets for its facilities.


What happens if a majority of voters do not approve the franchise? APS would continue to provide electric service to the city of Globe. The town and APS would evaluate whether the franchise agreement should be revised before asking for voter approval in a subsequent election. Holding another election would require additional costs for the city of Globe and APS.


How is the City Council involved in the franchise agreement? The City Council and city staff negotiated the franchise agreement with APS and placed it on the Nov. 4 ballot for voter approval.


Who can I contact with questions? Please contact Kendra Cea, APS Franchises & Technical Services, at (928) 425-8018 or via email at