Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation

Quality of Life

The SGCEDC believes that connection to the community is absolutely essential to economic development. People have to love where they live! Southern Gila County offers wonderful opportunities for people to connect.

The Elder Quality of Life (EQL) committee for the SGCEDC is a great example of one of those opportunities. The first Friday of every month they offer discount movie tickets to Seniors at Hollis Theatres in downtown Globe. Tickets are $4.00 for those 60 years and older. Local businesses sponsor the discount. Below is a list of some of those sponsor businesses. Please support them!

Senior Discount Movie Sponsors

American Family Insurance

Ajax Mountain, LLC

Aviant Hospice

Diamond M Dental

DJ Companies, Inc


Lamont Mortuary

McSpadden Ford

Mitzi’s Tax and Accounting

Pinal Manufacturing

State Farm Insurance

VA Home Health and Hospice

Resource Guide for Seniors

The Elder Quality of Life committee has also put together a resource guide for Senior residents. This link will take you to the Resource Guide. SGC 2017 update. Resource Guide for Seniors

Connection to Place

Recent studies demonstrate the importance of creating communities where people feel connected. The Knight Foundation’s Soul of the Community Study discovered that communities where residents had the highest feelings of belonging and attachment to their community also had the highest GDPs. Community pride and loving where you live are core values of the Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation!

Check out the Soul of the Community Study Soul of the Community OVERALL 2010 Findings